"We wholeheartedly support Dean...we have known him and his family for years and know him to be an intelligent, articulate and capable individual.  He's a hard worker and puts his full commitment into everything that he does.  We also know that he will listen to those who live in our district and represent us well."

-- Shem and Sharlene Liechty

Support Dean

Why I am Involved

A few years or so ago the outlook for our future seemed bleaker than in any other time in my life. The economy was struggling, the banking system had suffered tremendous losses, and I don't think anyone felt secure in their job. It was at that time that I attended an event put on by 5th graders across the county. My son joined others in singing a song that had the line, "we are the hope of America"

It was at that moment that I realized – there is hope, for us, for our future and for our children.  Those kids are our future and they are filled with optimism.  I felt it incumbent on myself to do all that I could to assure that they would have all the opportunities that I have been given in their futures as well – we owe that to them.

I know that being in the legislature there are issues that arise that will affect their futures daily and I want to be a part of the process to assure we do the right things for them.         Signature                       

Photo: Our children and their futures is the standard
against which I will measure all legislation.