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"I have known Dean both professionally, politically, and personally for years and I know that he will be a great asset to the district and will represent us well. We'll do more than well to have him representing us."

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Issues - An Overview 

Building the Community:

Economy With Utah recently hitting an unemployment rate above 7%, all aspects of our lives are being negatively impacted.  The numbers do not do justice to the worry, pain and uncertainty being experienced by families in our community. It is not the role of government to generate revenue, but it is the role of government to provide an environment where private enterprise can thrive. A lower tax environment and a focus on small employers where growth potential is greatest is the key.   

Education Most of us could not be where we are today without having had the benefits of education - from elementary to secondary to higher education.  Utah has done better with less than most other states in the country and we need to protect what has worked well.  We cannot hinder our educational system with unfunded mandates.  

Building Bridges I am a consensus builder and a good mediator.  Professionally I have overseen dozens of projects and facilitated large groups through complex endeavors.  By nature I seek for win / win solutions through creative thinking. I believe strongly in the value of collective intelligence – which means that the ideas of multiple people working together will always be better than the ideas of even the most intelligent among us acting alone.  I will always be available to listen and discuss policy and your ideas.

Transportation – As a daily commuter to Salt Lake I also experience the challenges, dangers, and frustrations from increased traffic and our transportation system. As our population in Utah County continues to grow it will necessitate expanding our roads as well as developing commuter rail between Salt Lake and Utah County. A bus rapid transit system (one where buses move in separate lanes from traffic versus light rail) is also being discussed for Utah County. We will need to be prudent in how we expand public transportation, it will need to be carefully planned and monitored to maximize use while minimizing the costs.

Healthcare By profession I have been responsible for positioning a $6 billion healthcare organization to understand the implications of health reform and what the forthcoming impacts will be.  I have been asked to consult on health reform initiatives nationally and in the state of Utah.  The cost escalation for healthcare expenses is unsustainable, however the solution lies in addressing cost incentives before increasing access to a broken system.  Federal reform efforts are moving with the cart in front of the horse.  They will increase access into a system where costs are already out of control thereby resulting in a debt explosion.

Rather we need to:

  1. Change the incentives such that value is rewarded. Currently payment is received for care regardless of outcomes and quality.
  2. Close the gap between who is paying and who is receiving the benefit. Individual accountability is lost when everything is paid for by a third party.
  3. Recognize that the Federal Government has mandated a system to behave like healthcare is a right, but is not funding those mandates so that the private sector has been picking up the shortfall. We need to move our system away from the drivers of cost shifting.

Social Issues As a conservative republican I believe in the traditional role of the family. I am adamantly opposed to abortion and gay marriage. We need to increase morality in our society and allow for religious practices in public life as well as a renewal of and dedication to family values.

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