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"I have known Dean both professionally, politically, and personally for years and I know that he will be a great asset to the district and will represent us well. We'll do more than well to have him representing us."

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2011 Pre-Session District 63 Survey Highlights

The pre 2011 Legislative District 63 survey results are in.  Our district clearly wants a focus on spending restraints and budgetary controls - fixing the structural budget problems (an end to using one time funding on ongoing expenses) and increasing the rainy day fund.  More than saving dollars in the rainy day fund, but less than the desire to fix the structural deficits in our budget our district would also like to see improvements in education funding.

On illegal immigration there is a overwhelming desire to see more enforcement.  Anecdotally, this is the most emotional issue for people and frustration levels run high.

I will be focusing a lot of my attention on fixing medicaid incentives.  There are 100s of millions of dollars in opportunity that we could in turn funnel towards education and funding our structural budget problems.  However, the changes will take some time, all of my industry expertise, and a lot of work - but I'm optimistic we can do it!