"I have known Dean both professionally, politically, and personally for years and I know that he will be a great asset to the district and will represent us well. We'll do more than well to have him representing us."

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“How fortunate we would be to have a man of Dean Sanpei's experience and abilities in the State Legislature.  Our history with Dean has shown him to be a good listener and clear thinker.  He understands budgets and strategic planning.  Leadership experience makes Dean Sanpei our top choice for District 63.”

-- Ray Beckham
-- Janette Beckham

“As county delegates we are supporting Dean because he is the right person for this office. I have worked alongside Senator John L. Valentine in the legislature for over 22 years and I have seen a lot of people run for the legislature. Some have done a good job and some have been unprepared and not capable of being a legislator. Dean has the knowledge and skills to be a great legislator and represent our district with honesty and integrity. He will read the bills, learn both sides of an issue and make informed decisions when he votes on legislation. He has the capacity to understand legislation. Please join Jeanne and I in supporting Dean Sanpei for House District 63.”

-- Leo Lines
-- Jeanne Lines

“I have known Dean Sanpei for over five years, and during those five years I have spoken with Dean regarding personal and political issues on numerous occasions. During our many discussions, I have found Dean to have a high level of understanding and concern for the issues as they may affect not only his family, but also those families within his community as well. I have grown to respect Dean for his devotion toward his family, and community, having seen Dean very active in both arenas. I support Dean in his run for State Representative in District 63, because I know first hand of Deans honesty, his level of commitment, and of his integrity.”

-- Jeff Wabel

“[Dean] is the most organized and experienced candidate and is in the best position to defeat the Democratic challenger!”

---Benjamin Boekweg

"When I first met Dean Sanpei I appreciated how straightforward he was in expressing his legislative goals, should he be elected to the Utah House for District 63.  He was very articulate and adeptly answered my questions and met my concerns.  After meeting the other candidate I decided to support Dean Sanpei due to his knowledge, experience, and vision for improving Utah."

--Megan Runyan

"Dean is like a Mitt Romney for Utah Valley. He has the exact brand of leadership skills and economic savvy that Utah needs right now."

-- Alex Maas

"We wholeheartedly support Dean for state legislature.  We have known him and his family for years and know him to be an intelligent, articulate and capable individual.  He's a hard worker and puts his full commitment into everything that he does.  We also know that he will listen to those who live in our district and represent us well."

-- Shem Liechty
-- Sharlene Liechty

"Dean is very approachable and shows genuine interest in every question he is asked. His knowledge about our current economic issues, and ability to work with others, will make him a great advocate for Utah County at the state capital.”

-- Jonathan Wright

“I trust Dean will not be swayed by external influences and will maintain the interests of the district first and foremost.  I can enthusiastically support and endorse him for legislature.”

-- Dave Shelton

“I support Dean because he's been active and supportive of the party for a long time.  He has a passion for politics and I know he'll make a great representative.”

-- Megan Brown

“Dean is a smart and dedicated man in finding a way to bring about a change for the better here in Utah.  He not only is conservative and has the values that we need here in Utah, but he has a track record of success and implementation.  In today's society where candidates have little difference in opinion, Dean Sanpei brings a lot of experience and effective leadership to the House of Representatives.  Like Mitt Romney, Dean has the knowledge and experience to make smart economical choices for the state while he will stand up for conservative values.  One of the First things I noticed about Dean was his love of this wonderful country and his love of the freedoms we are able to enjoy.”

-- Daniel Degaston

“Dean approaches the issues I care about the way every representative ought to--individually. His sensible approach is refreshing.”

-- Jacob Morley

"I support Dean because he has demonstrated that my needs are important to him. He is fair-minded, willing to listen to all sides of an issue, and wants to make the decisions that are best for our community. I couldn't ask for anything more in a candidate."

-- Brad Chatterley

“I have known Dean both professionally, politically, and personally for years and I know that he will be a great asset to the district and will represent us well.  We’ll do more than well to have him representing us.”

-- DeeDee Rose

“I prefer Dean in this position for these (and other) reasons: Dean’s motivation for running, his reasoning capabilities, and his responsible nature. I believe that he will make decisions wisely, and I appreciate that he doesn’t claim to know exactly what he will do in every situation, but that he has a set of guiding principles. I trust in his reasoning--I think it is much like mine and the community that I represent.

Motivation in running: Dean told us his story of being disenchanted with where our nation was headed and why he chose to get involved and help things become better. He is motivated to represent and serve us and in doing that he will make a positive difference.

Reasoning capabilities: Dean was always solid in his principles (Conservative/Republican), and he reasoned through the various questions and dilemmas in a way that was logical and made sense. I'd like a representative who can reason through things like he does.

Responsible nature: In talking with Dean, his responsible nature shined through in describing the measures he'd likely take in certain situations. I believe Dean is less likely to be swayed in his positions from outside pressure. I agree with Dean on the issues and I believe that he was sincere in all he said. I left feeling comfortable in entrusting Dean to represent my community.”

-- Heidi Bradford

Organizations and Businesses

2017 Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce "Business Champion" Award

2016 Utah Business Coalition "Legislative Business Champion" Award

2016 Utah Taxpayers Association "Friend of the Taxpayer" Recognition

2016 Utah Technology Council Legislator of the Year Award

2016 Utah Public Employees Association 

2016 National Rifle Association of America

2015 Utah Taxpayers Association "Friend of the Taxpayer" Recognition

2014 National Rifle Association of America

2014 National Federation of Independent Business (The voice of Small Business)

2014 Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities "Hero on the Hill" Recognition

2014 Citizen Action by Public Employees Endorsement

2014 Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce "Business Champion" Recognition

2013 Utah Taxpayers Association "Friend of the Taxpayer" Recognition

2012 Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce "Friend of Business" Recognition

2012 Salt Lake Chamber "Business Champion" Recognition

2012 Utah Business Coalition "Top 30 Business Friendly Legislators"

2012 Utah Public Employees Association

2012 National Federation of Independent Business (The Voice of Small Business)

2012 National Rife Association of America